Anne Marie Waters prepares to launch her next book!

Anne Marie Waters, author of Beyond Terror: Islam’s Slow Erosion of Western Democracy, launched a new Book Idea: In Defense of Democracy, in which she revisits politics. In her description of her Book Idea, Waters delves deeply into the essence of democracy. 

She describes democracy as a “way of life” and expands on the idea that democracy goes beyond voting to include free speech, universal suffrage, an honest press, and an accountable government. 

“The ultimate goal of human beings in life is to be happy—to find peace and contentment. Only the democratic order facilitates this to the highest degree possible,” writes Waters in her Book Idea description.

Founder of the For Britain political party, Anne Marie Waters garnered controversy both as a result of her views and in response to her previous book, Beyond Terror, which was a #1 Mover and Shaker on in Australia, as well as a #1 Hot New Release in many countries. We trust that In Defense of Democracy will be similarly successful and controversial, but Anne Marie needs your help! In Defense of Democracy needs 2,000 votes to earn a publishing contract. Would you take 30 seconds to vote and help this important book get published? 



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